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Polyurethane Screen Media


Polyurethane screen media is typically best suited to wet processing applications. However, since the introduction of polyurethane modular systems, the use of polyurethane as screening media has increased in popularity due to the handleability, durability, ease of maintenance, etc.

SCS can manufacture and supply a number of different types of polyurethane screen media to suit any conventional vibrating screen, new or old. Polyurethane can be moulded in several different shore hardness’s usually this is suited to the specific application.

​Dependent on the type of screen media the apertures are either moulded or punched, the aperture shape can be square (most common), circular or rectangular (transverse or longitudinal) the different aperture shape is selected to give the best results for the specific application.

Browse our product range below and contact us on (+44) 01788 55 33 00 for more information. 

Plank Module Bretts George Green
SCS 85 SYSTEM Hanson Frindsbury Wharf
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