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SCS600 System Modules

The 600 system was one of the first modular systems in the market place its main benefit being that it is a unitized system (i.e. primarily one standard size of module), very simple and a flat deck system.

The modules are nominally described as 600mm long by 300mm wide and 40mm high. The 600 system modules are composed of a welded steel frame construction, which the polyurethane is then moulded around.

600 system modules are held in place by peg and sleeves, along each 600mm side of the module there are four half circles moulded into the module with a shoulder approximately 30mm down. When a row of modules is installed the sleeve are inserted through where the two half circles in the modules align and a hole in the screen frame is drilled.  The peg is then hammered through the sleeve spreading the legs of the sleeve and holding the module in position.

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