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Polyurethane tensionable screen mats are one of the quickest and easiest ways to take advantage of the benefits of a polyurethane screen media without having to go to the expense of converting a screen to a modular system.  These types of screen mat are made to order, so can be tailored to fit any screen that has been setup for tensionable screen media.

Polyurethane screen mats can directly replace woven wire screens or rubber screen cloths utilizing the same fixings. Polyurethane mats are tensioned over camber bars that have capping rubber fitted to them and fastened in place using tensioning clamps.

As polyurethane screen mats are a moulded item the thickness of the mat varies dependent on the aperture and design of the mould, typically mats are between 16 - 30mm thick.  Polyurethane screen mats can be moulded with apertures from 1.5mm up to 80mm. Aperture shape can be square (most common) or rectangular (transverse or longitudinal) the different aperture shape is selected to give the best results for the application. 

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Polyurethane Tensionable Screen Mats


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