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Polyurethane Flip Flow Mats

Flip flow mats are used to screen difficult materials that on conventional screens peg and/or blind. Flip flow mats are bolted to the cross members of the screen with the first mat overlapping the second and so on down the length of the screen.  The flip flow movement is induced normally by having one fixed cross member that a moving cross member the movement is created by the motion of the screen. This means at any given time alternating flip flow mats are flat or dished or transitioning from one state to another. 

Flip flow mats are essentially made from a flat sheet of polyurethane which is cut to size and punched with fixing holes and then punched with a desired aperture.  These mats do not have any typical sizes but are usually equal to the width of the screen or longer, so they fold up the side of the screen to form a dish shape.  Length wise they are normally around the 350mm mark, but this is by no mean set in stone.  Typically, flip flow mats are made of thin material, SCS stock 3mm, 4mm and 5mm thick polyurethane sheeting to manufacture flip flow screen mats from.

To cater for our customers different needs and applications SCS has built up the largest punch library in the UK with over 600 tools with apertures varying from 1.5mm to 330mm.

​Contact us on (+44) 01788 55 33 00 for more information. 

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