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SCS Polystep Modules

Polystep is one of the older modular systems in the market place its main benefit being that it is a unitized system (i.e. primarily one standard size of module). As the name of the system suggests the Polystep system creates steps down the length of the screen, causing the material to tumble which was believed by the designers to improve screening efficiency.

The modules are nominally described as 600mm long (length measures 630mm long) by 300mm wide, there are two different heights of this system the more popular polyurethane version was 62mm high and the heavy-duty rubber version was 72mm high.  SCS now make both these versions from polyurethane and are named the Polystep and Polystep RU.

The Polystep modules are held in place by being knocked down onto a beaded metal profile that is fastened across the width of the screen at one end of the module.  The other end of the module is held in place by the previous one which overlaps it.  The first row of modules on the screen fits into a starter channel as there is no previous row of modules to clamp it down.

The Polystep normally uses side liners that are 120mm or 185mm high, held in place with two fixings. These can be produced from steel backed rubber or polyurethane.

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Polystep RU

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