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SCS 85 System


The 85 system is the one of the most common system on the market favored as it is a flat deck system, one for one module replacement and when designed well has very few wear different wear parts. The 85 system is particularly popular on dewatering screens due to the rigidity of the system which is normally fixed at 300mm centers across the screen and along the entire length of the module.

The 85 system modules are a rectangular, typically 300mm wide and the length can be varied to suit, usually a length that the length of the screen is divisible by. The modules are typically 30mm thick, but an advantage of the 85 system is that the thickness can be increased easily for heavier duty applications or just for impact areas.

The modules have moulded profiles on two sides of the module, these profiles mirror a polyurethane knockin bar which is fitted into a steel girder that runs the length of the screen. The modules are only reinforced across the width of the module therefore flexible in their length, the longitudinal strength of this system comes from the underpinning steel girders which are attached to the screen frame.

This system utilizes many different types of side bar the most common being the polyurethane wedge driven between the cleat and the side bar creating downwards pressure.


Others can be knocked into girders set close to the edge of the screen these have a profile moulded into them to allow the module to be knocked down onto them, there are also similar versions to this that simply bolt to the side plate of the screen.  

The thickness of the screening area is determined by the aperture size. SCS has an extensive mould library which covers apertures from 0.3mm up to 125mm. Aperture shape can be square (most common) circular or rectangular (transverse or longitudinal) the different aperture shape is selected to give the best results for the application. 

For specific applications SCS has different mould designs, dependent on the requirements of the customer:

  • HE – High Efficiency, maximise throughput (greater open area)

  • STD – Standard, good compromise of wear and efficiency 

  • HW – High Wear, increased module life and reduce cost (lower open area)

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