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Polyurethane Centre Hold Down Bars

Polyurethane centre hold down bars are normally used in conjunction with the SCS plank system or polyurethane tensionable screen mats but are not limited to these two applications. Centre bars are essentially a bar which clamps something down most commonly in the centre of a screen.  The SCS plank system has a centre bar with normally two or three holes in it that is used along with the pin and wedge clamping system to retain the centre of the module system, however this system can also be used on polyurethane tensionable mats or rubber screen cloths.

Another form of centre hold down is the bolt down version, which is when captive bolts are protruding up from the screen frame and the centre bar is used to bolt the screen media in place.

The SCS centre hold down is made from a steel channel section for strength and rigidity and then the wear resistant polyurethane is moulded around it to give the final product.

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