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Extraflex Rubber Screen Cloths

Extraflex rubber screen cloths are a specialised type of screen media used predominantly to combat the issue of blinding, in application such as dust screening. Each cloth is individually designed to suit the machine and application including features such as side or end tensioned.

An Extraflex screen cloth is made up two layers the top layer is normally made from a 40 shore hardness rubber between 3mm and 6mm thick which has the desired apertures punched in it, it has no cord reinforcing therefore is incredibly flexible.  The bottom layer is either a 7mm or 10mm thick cord reinforced standard screen cloth rubber, this is punched only to leave a skeleton behind which provides the strength of the cloth.  The top cloth and the backing cloth are then bonded together to form one mat. Then a bespoke set of side irons are attached to the sides/ends of the cloth.

If you have an application that is giving you trouble or think that the performance improvement can be made by Extraflex rubber screen cloths please contact us on (+44) 01788 55 33 00 for more information. 

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