Rubber Tensionable Screen Cloths

SCS designs, manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of rubber screen cloths made to suit each individual machine and application.  Including side and end tensioned rubber screen cloths.

All SCS screen cloths are manufactured in the UK utilising a low-stretch, corded fabric construction, within a high abrasion-resistant rubber.

  • Rubber screen cloths are stocked in 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, 35 and 50mm in thicknesses, other thickness are available as specials

  • With a range of hole sizes from 2.5mm up to 175mm

  • Hole shapes can be square (most common) circular, rectangular (transverse or longitudinal) or radius ended slots, the different hole shape is selected to give the best results for the specific application

  • Quick and easy to install and replace – labour and down-time costs reduced

  • Pegging and blinding significantly reduced

  • Noise typically lowered by 10dB from steel screen media

  • Operational life many times that of conventional steel screen media – less frequent replacement required

  • Cost per tonne reduction over steel screen media – lower running costs

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