The SCS modular systems can be designed and installed to suit virtually any conventional vibrating screen, new or old.

The polyurethane modules are available in a variety of shore hardness’s with material selection is dependent upon hole size and application.

Modules are manufactured in manageable sizes, in most case to fit in pairs across the deck however, single sections are used on smaller screens and triple sections are required on large screens.

The SCS modules are composed of a welded steel frame construction, which the polyurethane is moulded around with an overall module thickness of 30mm.  The thickness of the screening area is determined by the hole size.

Hole sizes range from 0.3mm up to 120mm.

Hole shapes can be square (most common) circular or rectangular (transverse or longitudinal) the different hole shape is selected to give the best results for the specific application.

Also there are a few variants of typical modules for specific requirements:
HEHigh Efficiency, Maximise throughput (greater open area)
STDStandard, Good compromise of wear and efficiency
HWHigh Wear, Increase module life and reduce cost (lower open area)

Installation and replacement of modules is easy especially on confined lower decks due the unique pin and wedge hold down system, which requires no more than a hammer and crowbar to change modules.

New installations on old or new screens can be designed to specific grading requirements and guaranteed to maximise screening performance.

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